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Money Heist Torrent

money heist torrent

Money Heist is a Spanish flight drama series created by Álex Pina. The series tells about two heists prepared for a long time by the professor (Álvaro Morte), one at the Spanish Royal Mint and the other at the Bank of Spain. The narrative tells in real-time and base on flashbacks, time jumps, hidden motivations of the characters, and an unreliable narrator for complexity. The series subverts the theft genre by telling a woman, Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó), and having a solid Spanish identity, where the emotional dynamic thwarts the perfect strategic crime.

The series initially conceived as a limited series which will tell in two parts. It had its original 15-episode broadcast on Antena 3 from May 2, 2017, to November 23, 2017. Netflix acquired worldwide broadcast rights in late 2017. It cut the series into 22 shorter episodes and launched them in the whole world. It was starting with the first.

And also, it begins on December 20, 2017, followed by the second part on April 6, 2018. In April 2018, Netflix rehabilitated the series with a significantly higher budget for 16 new episodes in total. Part 3, with eight episodes, released on July 19, 2019. Part 4, also with eight episodes, released on April 3, heistGenre: Crime drama, Heist, Thriller

Creator: Álex Pina


Úrsula Corberó

Álvaro Morte

Itziar Ituño

Pedro Alonso

Paco Tous

Alba Flores

And also, Miguel Herrán

Jaime Lorente

Esther Acebo

Enrique Arce

María Pedraza

Darko Perić

Kiti Mánver

Hovik Keuchkerian

Rodrigo de la Serna

Najwa Nimri

Luka Peroš

Belén Cuesta

And also, Fernando Cayo

Theme Music Composer: Manel Santisteban

Opening Theme: “My Life Is Going On” by Cecilia Krull

Composer: Manel Santisteban, and also Iván Martínez Lacámara

Country of Origin: Spain

Original Language: Spanish

No. of Seasons: 2 (4 parts)[a]

No. of Episodes: 31 (list of episodes)


Executive producers:

  • Álex Pina
  • Sonia Martínez
  • Jesús Colmenar
  • Esther Martínez Lobato
  • And also, Nacho Manubens

Production Locations:

  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Thailand
  • And also, Panama

Cinematography: Migue Amoedo


  • David Pelegrín
  • Luis Miguel González
  • Bedmar
  • Verónica Callón
  • And also, Raúl Mora
  • Regino Hernández
  • Raquel Marraco
  • And also, Patricia Rubio

Camera setup: Single-camera

Running Time : 67–77 minutes (Antena 3), and also 41–59 minutes (Netflix)

Production Companies: Atresmedia, Vancouver Media

Distributor: Antena 3 Televisión, and also Netflix


Original Network: Antena 3 (2017), and also Netflix (2019–present)

Picture Format: 1080p (16:9 HDTV), and also 4K (16:9 UHDTV)

Audio Format: 5.1 Surround Sound

Original Release: 2 May 2017 – present

How to Download and Watch the Full Series Money Heist on Torrent?

money heist

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More About the Money Heist Torrent

Season 1: Parts 1 and 2 (2017)

money heist torrent

The first part begins with the aftermath of a failed bank robbery by a woman named “Tokio” when a man named “Professor” rescues her from the police and offers her a theft of drastic proportions. After a brief overview of the planned heist, the story jumps to the beginning of a multi-day assault on the Royal Spanish Mint in Madrid. The eight robbers have the code names of the cities: Tokyo, Moscow, Berlin, Nairobi, Rio, Denver, Helsinki, and Oslo.
The professor is directing the robbery from an external location. The series of flashbacks show five months of preparation in an abandoned hunting lodge in the Toledo countryside; thieves must not share personal information or enter into intimate relationships, and the assault must be bloodless.

During Parts 1 and 2, thieves inside the Mint find it challenging to follow established rules and face uncooperative hostages, violence, isolation, and riots. Tokyo tells the story through voice-overs. While Denver pursues an affair with hostage Monica Gaztambide, National Police Inspector Raquel Murillo negotiates with the professor abroad and begins an intimate relationship with her alter ego “Salva” from her. The teacher’s identity is repeatedly on the verge of being discovered until Raquel realizes her true identity.

Still, she is emotionally incapable and refuses to indicator him over to the police. At the finish of Part 2, after 128 hours, the thieves escape from the Mint with 984 million euros in print, but at the cost of their lives in Oslo, Moscow, and Berlin. And also, a year after the robbery, Raquel finds a series of postcards left by the professor, who has written down the coordinates of a place in Palawan, Philippines, where she sees him.

Season 2: Parts 3 and 4 (2019-20)

money heist torrent

The third part begins two or three years after the theft of the Royal Spanish Mint, showing the thieves enjoying their twin lives in various places. However, when Europol captures Rio with a wiretap, the professor picks up on Berlin’s old plans to raid the Bank of Spain to force Europol to hand over Rio to avoid torture. He and Raquel (via “Lisboa”) rally the gang, including Monica (via “Stockholm”), and recruit three new members: Bogotá, Palermo, and Marsella, with Palermo in charge. Flashbacks of the professor and Berlin describe the newly planned robbery and their different approaches to love.

A breach in the bank thwarts, forcing the police, led by Colonel Luis Tamayo and the pregnant inspector Alicia Sierra, to hand over Rio to the robbers. A police sniper seriously wounds Nairobi in the chest, and the police capture Lisbon. And also, the fourth part begins with the thieves rushing to save Nairobi’s life. As Tokyo carries out a coup and takes command of Palermo, the professor and Marseille deduce that Lisbon must still be alive and interrogate by Sierra in a tent outside the bank. They persuade Tamayo’s associate, Antoñanzas, to help them, and the teacher can establish a 48-hour ceasefire with the police.

Gandía shoots Nairobi in the head, murder her instantly, but the crew catches up with him again. As the police prepare another bank robbery, the professor exposes the illegal torture in Rio and the arrest in Lisbon to the public. Due to this revelation, Sierra fires and begins hunting down the professor on her own. The professor asks for outside help to liberate Lisbon after his transfer to the Supreme Court. Part four ends with Lisbon meeting the gang inside the bank, and Sierra is finding the professor’s hiding place, keeping him at gunpoint.


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