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łaczy nas piłka, 2020 has been a problematic year for everyone, with the covid-19 pandemic wreaking havoc the world over. While everything ground to a halt, the only way we could reunite was by remaining apart.

The only thing which kept people together was football. Football is said to be a game to have the power to bring people together, regardless of their age, race, sex , culture, or population, and that is never truer than at the World Cup. It is the most enjoy yourself and watched sport in the world, and since of that, the World Cup is one of the most anticipated decent events, with only the Olympics rivalling it in terms of popularity.

The 2010 World Cup was shown in every single country on Earth, including Antarctica, and the competition reached over three billion people around the world. The final alone of the 2014 World Cup was watched by over a billion people.

Fans of football

fans of football


Fans from the same nation come together under one flag to support their team and its players during the World Cup. łaczy nas piłkaMany fans flock to support another country they have ties to, or perhaps a neighbouring country they would typically consider their opponent, even after their country is eliminated from the competition. łaczy nas piłka During the 2010 World Cup, I was in South Africa, and I still recall the amazing feelings and environment in Cape Town, where I was staying.

There were hundreds of spectators in the streets during a major game, and there were loud cheers every time a goal was scored. The bar, pub or house where you were viewing would go berserk when South Africa scored, and you would turn to the person who was nearest to you to celebrate with them. Everyone appeared to be enjoying themselves, the competition, and each other’s company.

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Łaczy Nas Piłka

Using football as a unifying, inspiring, and developing tool, Football Unites the World is a global movement. It unites people to celebrate the lovely game anywhere in the world. It stands for the dedication of football enthusiasts, coaches, and players to influencing our society and local communities.

Football Unites the World will raise awareness of many social issues during the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023TM. Selected after thorough consultation with participating teams and players, FIFA aims to increase awareness of numerous significant social issues in collaboration with multiple United Nations agencies.

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