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Bromuro De Pinaverio Para Que Sirve

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Bromuro De Pinaverio Para Que Sirve – Many people have experienced the discomfort of a hangover from drinking alcohol, but what about those who suffer from diarrhea from overeating while partying? How can this problem be treated?

And it is common for us to eat more than normal during the holidays. But overloading the stomach could have consequences. In some cases, doctors prescribe this medication to relieve specific digestive discomfort. Keep reading and find out what bromuro de pinaverio para que sirve is for.

What is Bromuro De Pinaverio Para Que Sirve Used For?

What is Bromuro De Pinaverio Para Que Sirve Used For_This medicine is used by those people who suffer from bloating and pain in the digestive system. Its effect is to reduce visceral hypersensitivity and intestinal motility.

Irritable bowel syndrome, irritable colon, functional colitis, or nervous colitis are some of the conditions that this medication can reduce when bothersome.

bromuro de pinaverio para que sirve is spasmolytic and is used to reduce pain and distension of the stomach.

The route of administration of pinaverium promide is oral, and a specialist doctor must establish the dose. Generally, 100mg every 12 hours is recommended.

Its price is quite affordable, depending on the brand and the place, but it is around 39 pesos.

It is worth mentioning that, although it is a medicine that helps reduce discomfort in the stomach area, it is essential to have a good diet and healthy habits.

If the discomfort persists, return to your doctor to adjust the dose or assign a more potent treatment.

How Does this Medicine Work?

Pinaverium bromide is a drug whose action influences erratic movements of the intestines. This medication is distributed through the digestive mucosa, reaching the smooth muscle and plummeting the duration and intensity of colonic movements during colic. This drug allows you to treat colitis and the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome through this action.

It helps relieve symptoms such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, gas, and constipation. It also reduces the duration of intestinal transit and allows the stool to be evacuated in chapters of constipation.

Pinaverium bromide allows the digestive expanse, specifically the colon, to relax. Improving the value of life of patients suffering from digestive disorders.

Side Effects Of Bromuro De Pinaverio Para Que Sirve

The side effects of this medication may vary and are not the same in all people, neither in terms of impact nor duration. Only 1% of people have had adverse reactions and have disappeared through medical review or have subsided over time.

In these cases, you must immediately suspend pinaverium bromide since some consequences may cause you. Vomiting or nausea and pain, abdominal pain and face, sweats in areas of the neck, dry mouth, breathing difficulties such as intolerable allergic reactions

The procedure you should follow, first of all, is to stop taking the medication and go to the doctor to observe your symptoms and, thus, resolve the situation under your supervision.

Contraindications and Precautions

It is recommended that the guidelines indicated by the doctor be followed, given that pinaverium bromide has irritating abilities on the esophagus. It is very significant not to chew, suck or crush the pills. You should be careful if you already have any problems in the esophagus.

The main precautions for pinaverium bromide are as follows.

Pregnancy and Lactation

It is not recommended for pregnancy or breastfeeding. If you are pregnant or think you are, you should consult a doctor to evaluate the situation. And the appropriateness of withdrawing the drug or not.

Children and Adolescents

There is not enough clinical seek in children and adolescents to consider the administration of this drug to these age groups as appropriate. Its safety or effectiveness in pediatric use has not been proven.

At the moment, what is done is to administer it when it is measured that there is no other better or safer option, and always under medical indication.

Combined With Anticholinergics

Caution is recommend if you are consuming this type of medication because it also influences intestinal spasms and the biliary tract.

The combined ingesting of pinaverium bromide with anticholinergics may result in an enhanced consequence on the digestive tract.

Heart, Liver And Kidney Problems

You should consult a professional, although it is not recommended in the case of liver problems because pinaverium bromide affects the bile ducts.

Lactose Intolerance

The presentation of pinaverium bromide may be accompanied by other substances to give consistency and facilitate digestion of the tablet.

People with lactose intolerance should ensure that the pinaverium bromide preparation they consume does not have lactose among the elements of the tablet.

Problems in the Esophagus

If there is irritation in the throat, filling the tablets with plenty of water is recommended to facilitate their way. Through the esophagus and avoid damaging the throat even more. It is also recommended to do it by food to avoid straight contact with the neck.

Food Plays an Important Role

Food Plays an Important Role

Do you know what diarrhea, colitis, and biliary dyskinesia have in common? All three conditions require paying attention to diet as part of their treatment. Pinaverium bromide can help; however, it is necessary to consider other care recommended by specialists.

How Often and For How Long is it Advisable to Take Bromuro De Pinaverio Para Que Sirve

The tablets are not ingested before going to sleep and in reclining positions. The maximum recommended dose is 300 mg and the duration of its consumption depends on the reasons for its use.

If you do not take the tablet at the indicated time, you must do so as soon as possible and continue taking the medication at your usual times. If the time of the next dose is very close, you should avoid assuming that tablet and then take the following tablets at the established times.

The tablets are swallowed directly, and you cannot chew or break them. Doubling the dose is not allowed.

Warnings When Taking Pinaverio With Dimethicone

You must know some of the medical conditions when consuming this drug. The intake of the treatment should be evaluated by an expert in cases of:

Lactose intolerance: deficiency in the absorption of lactose and glucose and in situations of lack of the enzyme that produces the small intestine or lactase.

Inflammation or irritation of the throat: The recommendation for these situations is to consume it with more water and combine it with food to prevent direct contact of the tablet with the irritated area of the throat. Likewise, avoiding ingesting it before sleeping or lying down is recommended.

Pinaverium bromide should always be prescribed to you by a health specialist, who will adjust it to your needs. To do this, they will assess your characteristics, such as compatibility with other medications, diseases, weight, age, or any different medical situation in which you find yourself.

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