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Brochevarevarura (2019) Telugu Full Movie Watch and download Movierulz

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Brochevarevarura movierulz – brochevarevarura is a 2019 Indian Telugu-language crime comedy film. The film opened worldwide on June 28, 2019, and received positive reviews from critics.

Details of the Brochevarevarura Movie

Director: Vivek Athreya

Producer: Vijay Kumar Manyam

Writer: Vivek Athreya


brochevarevarura cast

Sree Vishnu as Rahul

Nivetha Thomas as Mithra

Nivetha Pethuraj as Shalini

Satyadev Kancharana as Vishal

Priyadarshi as Rakesh “Rocky”

And also, Rahul Ramakrishna as Rambabu “Rambo”

Music: Vivek Sagar

Cinematography: Sai Sriram

Editor: Raviteja Girijala

Production Company: Manyam Productions

Release Date: 28 June 2019

Running Time: 138 minutes

Country: India

Language: Telugu

Budget: ₹3–7 crore

And also, Box Office: ₹20 crore

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More About the Brochevarevarura Movierulz

brochevarevarura movierulz


Here Vishal (Sree Vishnu), Rocky (Priyadarshi), and Rambo (Rahul Ramakrishna) are three friends who fail the intermission three times and continue to waste their time. In such a state, Mitra (Nivetha Thomas) joins their university and becomes close to them. On the other hand, Mitra has severe problems with his father and wants to leave his house, and enlists the help of the three friends.

The gang makes a crazy plan and performs it well. But to their surprise, the following events create enormous problems for them. What are these issues? And also, how did they get out? That’s the whole story of the film?

Strong Points

One of the film’s greatest assets is the continuous dose of comedy. The first half is full of good humour and talented actors Sree Vishnu, Priyadarshi, and also Rahul Ramakrishna riot with their solid chemistry and comedic timing.

And also, Nivetha Thomas is still a talent to be reckoned with and fits her role perfectly. His performance in the film is excellent, as he plays a unique position and does a good job. The kidnapping scenes and how they are told with a different storyline highlight the film and create great humour.

The critical factor connected to the bag of money superbly uses in the film. Satya Dev was terrific in her role. Her on-screen presence and the way Satya carried her were magnificent. And also, Nivetha Pethuraj is receiving better and better with each of her films and doing a fantastic job. And also, Harshvardhan in the role of the police was also quite good.

Minus Points

After a fun first part, the rhythm of the second part gets a little boring. The chase scenes get a bit slow and crawl. While the procedural-generated comedy is good, the plot is pretty routine and nothing new.

There were good possibilities for uplifting the father-daughter bond, but the director failed. And also, it took too long to establish the main characters in the movie, which slowed the movie down a bit.

Technical Aspects

Vivek Sagar’s background music is one of the film’s greatest assets. He took the film to another level with his score. The film’s production values look great, as the procedures look pretty realistic. And also, Rustic premises look great in the movie. And also, the dialogue is hilarious as all of the tiny bumps work well in the first half.

Arrived at the director Vivek Athreya, he takes a different path with his second film and gracefully narrates a kidnapping comedy with humor and emotion. And also, the way he kept the procedures simple and yet entertaining shows his talents. He used all of his characters very well in the film.


Overall, Brochevarevarura is an entertaining and exciting crime comedy. The fun comes easily and keeps you hooked for most of the movie. The performance of the main cast is sure to win their hearts. However, things get a bit slow and predictable in the second half, but that doesn’t stop you from having a great time watching this movie. And also, a clean comedy that won’t disappoint this weekend.

Brochevarevarura Songs

brochevarevarura songs



And also, Vaale Chinukule

Putukku Zara Zara

Talapu Talapu

Chalaname Chitramu

And also, Brochevare


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