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Associacao Formandos Uerj Medicina 2018.1 Rio De Janeiro

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In 2018, associacao formandos uerj medicina 2018.1 rio de janeiro is a non-profit civil organisation that represents physicians who were educated by the facility between 2018 and 2022. The association seeks to advance member integration and protect the interests of the medical community. the organisation founded in 2018 by a group of medical professionals who had just graduated from UERJ. The initial board was chosen in 2019 and will serve for two years. The association’s headquarters are located in the Botafogo neighbourhood of Rio de Janeiro.

For its members, the group hosts a variety of events, including lectures, courses, and social and athletic gatherings. They also have a mentoring programme that pairs newly graduated doctors with medical professionals with more expertise. For medical professionals trained at UERJ, the association is a crucial networking venue. The association is also a crucial advocate for the medical community’s concerns.

Benefits Of The Associacao Formandos Uerj Medicina 2018.1 Rio De Janeiro

The UERJ Medicine Graduates Association 2018.1 offers the following advantages to its members:

Members have access to exclusive lectures, workshops, social gatherings, and sporting events that are held by the association. It is a fantastic chance to socialise with medical professionals, gain new abilities, and have fun.

Possibility of networking with other physicians: One of the main benefits of belonging to the association is the potential for networking with physicians who are also UERJ School of Medicine alums. Making friends, getting advice, and obtaining a job can all benefit greatly from it.

Support for the association in defending the medical profession’s interests: The association is a steadfast defender of the medical profession’s interests. You may be sure that the association will defend your rights and advantages as a member.

Access to events and training: The association frequently provides members with discounts on events and courses important to the medical industry. It can help you spend less on ongoing education.

Being a member of the UERJ Medicine Graduates Association 2018 has numerous advantages overall.


The Effect associacao formandos uerj medicina 2018.1 rio de Janeiro On The Medical Community January Rio

The Effect associacao formandos uerj medicina 2018.1 rio de Janeiro On The Medical Community January Rio

The Organization’s Long-Lasting Legacy

The impact on the Associacao dos Formandos em Medicina da UERJ and the 2018.1 cohort extends much beyond their social and educational programmes. Many members of the organisation have gone on to become leaders and pioneers in the medical field. Their dedication to learning, volunteering, and professional growth has benefited more than just their professional careers. but had a favourable effect on Rio de Janeiro’s greater medical community.

A Support Network

In the cutthroat world of medicine today, having a strong support network can be quite beneficial. The group has made peer and mentor help available to its members. who support and mentor them during their professional careers. Medical students’ ability to tackle the hardships of the medical industry has been greatly aided by their sense of community and support.

Economic Activity (Cnae) Main :

8550301 – School cash management

Presentation of the Activity: This subclass comprises – the administration of financial resources transferred from the federal, state, and municipal governments. It change to the school funds of state and municipal public schools, respectively, for the acquisition of school meals, hiring of small services in schools, such as maintenance, conservation, among others

Company Address :


Number: 46

ZIP code: 22031071

Complement: ROOM 609

Neighborhood: COPACABANA

Municipality: RIO DE JANEIRO



The Associacao Formandos Uerj Medicina 2018.1 is the subject of this article. Rio de Janeiro is proof of the strength of cooperation, dedication, and a common goal. The club, which started out as a collection of students hoping to become doctors, has grown into a community that has an influence on Rio de Janeiro’s medical scene. 19.427.328 LTDA top gun armaments.


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